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Series B MarTech Company to Establish US Presence

The Client

  • European based, High growth, Series B MarTech company.

  • Company had been performing well in the European market with revenues just under $4MM ARR.

  • Use of proceeds for their Series B included establishing US based Go To Market (GTM) capability.

  • Timeframe was spring 2018 to present.


  • In June of 2018 Sterling Point was engaged to help them build out their Go To Market capability at all levels.

  • This involves securing a Head of both US Sales and Customer Success and working with them to validate all of the roles, comp plans, KPI’s, career paths and employee value proposition.

  • The search assignments have been across several GTM functions and at all levels. Searches have included:

    • Sales: Account Executives (SMB and Enterprise), Business Development Representatives
    • Customer Success: Head of Customer Success, Customer Success Managers
    • Sales Engineering: Pre and Rolex replica watch Post-Sale professionals in the form of Product Specialists, Data Engineers and Data Analysts
    • Marketing: None, as all marketing efforts and operations are driven out of their European offices.

Accomplishments & Results

  • Since June of 2018 Sterling Point has successfully completed 24 search assignments

    • Typically hired in small surges of 3-5 hires across GTM functions over a month or so, followed by an absorption period of 2-4 months and then another 3-5 hires over a month or so, and so on.
  • Highlights Include:

    • Volume–These 24 hires represent roughly 80% of the hires made in the 30+ person Boston based office (their only US Office).
      • 2.5 years ago, they had 19 people in the company, all in Europe.
      • They’ve grown aggressively in both the US and overseas and signed multi-year leases for anticipated near term growth of 250 employees.
    • Efficiency—The ratio of ‘candidates presented’ to ‘accepted offers’ is less than 3.3 to 1. Broken down by:
      • 1.2 : 1 ratio of ‘candidates presented’ to ‘initial phone screens’.
      • 2.5 : 1 ratio of ‘Candidates interviewed’ to ‘Accepted offers/hires”
      • This ratio also Rolex replica watch includes offers that were made but not accepted by the candidates for a variety of reasons. The % of candidates they wanted to hire is actually higher.
    • Quality–The retention rate on the staff members hired through Sterling Point within their first year is 100%. (Zero voluntary or involuntary turnover in the first 12 months)
      • The retention rate with the company over an extended 18-month period is roughly 91% (22 out of 24 hires are still with the company as of November 2019).
      • Several of the folks have gotten various promotions in both CS, SE and Sales. (i.e. CS Team Lead, BDR Manager)

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