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Effectively navigating a career in the constantly evolving SaaS landscape takes more than just talent and hard work.

It’s about being vigilant and making disciplined career choices to ensure you’re in the best situation to achieve your short and long term career aspirations.

Accordingly, we recommend regularly evaluating your current situation against the other opportunities in the marketplace.

Below are a few high-level questions to start the evaluation process:

  • Any concerns about the clarity and timeframes associated with your current career path and progression?

  • Any concerns with the performance, pricing or competitive positioning of your product?

  • Ever wonder if there are other opportunities out there where you could learn more or be exposed to working with more mentors?

  • Any concerns about the volume and quality of training and professional development currently available to you?

  • Any concerns about the executive leadership team? The company’s performance? Their strategies, expectations and overall approach?

  • Any concerns about turnover within the leadership ranks?

  • Any concerns about hitting your quota and achieving your OTE?

  • Any concerns about the frequency or nature of the changes to your quota or compensation plan?

  • Do you have concerns about recent/possible changes to your territory?

  • Any challenges or issues between you and your direct manager?

  • Any concerns about emerging and/or formidable competitors?

  • Any concerns about your average deal size (ACV) or how it’s trending? Is your average deal size (ACV) getting smaller?

  • Any concerns about the length or complexity of your average sales cycle and how it’s trending?

  • Any concerns about the culture or challenges in getting fired up to come in every day and work hard to achieve your collective goals?

  • Ever wonder if getting into an early stage company might allow you to go further faster in your career and make the equity component of your comp more substantial?

  • Ever wonder what else you can be doing to increase your earnings and marketability?

If most of the answers to the questions above are ‘no’, congratulations as you’re likely in a really good situation right now. If the answers to many of the questions above are ‘yes’, then perhaps we should chat.

A relationship with Sterling Point will put you in the best position to make the right moves at the right time throughout your career. Call us today to start the dialogue, validate that your current situation truly is the best one for you or learn more about what’s going on in the marketplace.

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